Property Developers

At SG Property Management Ltd we work closely with the developers to ensure the estimated annual charge is set at a level at which they are happy to market properties, whilst ensuring adequate funds are available to ensure the smooth management of the properties.

With our experience in dealing with new developments, we are able to advise developers of the predicted ongoing maintenance costs and provide advice on the likely impact of installing certain services. Getting the estimated costs right from day one is essential to protect both the developers' and the managing agents' good reputation.

With any new development, there are likely to be teething problems. By involving us from the start, and through the phased completion, we are able to deal quickly and efficiently with these issues as they arise.

Property Developers

We manage a variety of new developments, from small individual blocks to large complex developments containing several hundred units.

By involving us from the very start of the project, SG Property Management Ltd. provides:

  • A review of plans and draft Deed of Conditions to ensure that it is effective for the development as we know that getting the Deed right is key to the future smooth management of the development
  • Expert advice on the development of common charge budgets to ensure all areas of future maintenance and management are accounted for properly
  • All administration and management responsibilities for the common areas as soon as they are handed over to us
  • Arranging and administering buildings and other insurance policies
  • Removes the costs and the time of dealing with these matters by the developer
  • Protects the developers' good reputation
  • Provides residents with continuity after completion
  • One point of contact for any issues raised

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