Property Management

Most owners believe that they are tied into their Property Management Company, but just like any other service facility you can change Factor at anytime as long as the requirements within the Deed of Conditions are adhered to.

We would endeavour to make this process as smooth as possible and will guide you through same. If you need any comfort on the service we provide please check out the testimonials on the website from some of our satisfied customers which demonstrate that at the very least we meet their expectations.

Moving to SG Property Management could not be easier - just follow this simple 4 point plan.

  • Contact us to arrange a free, no obligation, Property Management Proposal to meet your developments specific requirements.
  • In most cases the Deed of Conditions will govern how you can change Factors and this may require a meeting or a mandate signed by the majority of owners (please note tenants are not allowed to vote). If you do not have this document it may be held by your Lending Authority or Solicitor.
  • Notify all owners of our proposal and call a meeting to discuss. At this meeting as long as a quorum has been achieved in accordance with the Deed a vote can be taken and the majority would rule. Please ensure that a Minute of the meeting is recorded and a list of the owners and contact details are taken.
  • Formally write to the current Factor to inform them of the owners decision to change Factor in accordance with the Deed of Conditions with effect from the date agreed and instruct them to provide us with all relevant information pertaining to the development.

As soon as the above has been achieved please confirm the details to us and we shall liaise with your current Factor to ensure a smooth transition. Please note that we require the co-operation of the owners to ensure that we are able to manage the development to the best of our ability.

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